This is a sample of our online spirit wear store.  It is great for fundraising, playoffs, and team spiritwear.  Let us take care of the headache of collecting money, sizing, and individually packing the shirts for you, you have more important things to do!

Steps to creating your online store:

1. Getting your art proof approved.

– Contact your sales rep or to enter your art request.  You will receive your initial proof within 1 business day.

2.  Choose your products

– We suggest always offering a 50/50 short sleeve and long sleeve, and dry fit short sleeve and long sleeve.  There are multiple other options that we can add, but these are the basics that we suggest.

3. Determine your pricing.

Use our suggested pricing or choose what you want to charge!  Through running several online stores, we believe the suggested pricing we have is the best for maximum purchases, while still generating significant funds.

4. Set the close date, pick up date, and pick up location.

– We like to provide as much information as possible to your customers.  The most common questions are

“When will I receive my products?”

“Where do I pick them up?”

“Who do I pick them up from?”

We ask that you provide us with this information so we can put it at the top of your store so that your order goes as smooth as possible.

That’s it!  We take over from there.  We can provide updates as often as you would like if you would like to know how many items have been sold until the close date.  When the store closes, we will process your order.  The blanks will be ordered and printed, then we can individually bag each order (additional fee) or we can ship the order in bulk with a list of individual orders.


Once you use All Out Store, you will never what to go back to order forms!  Our goal is to take the ordering burden off of our customers and maximize your team spirit and profits from your store. We look forward to working with you!

Welcome to the All Out Graphics Spirit Store!

Orders will be accepted until (Date).

Orders will be available for pick up on (Date) from (Contact) at (Location).