Interested in an online store?


Your sales representative will give you your price per item. You then can list your items at that cost OR use the online store as a fundraiser, charging more to your customers.

For example: Your Cost 10.00 + You Charge 15.00 = 5.00 raised for your organization, club, schoool, etc.



We have no minimum required for an online store. We would love to have 8-12 items ordered, but we will always honor the amount, even if it is only 2.


You set the dates you want to open and close your store; open it for a week or have an ongoing store.

We will need 3-4 business days after closing your store to order products, print, package & deliver.

Ongoing stores will decide on how often & when reports will be run. (3-4 business days, after reports run will also apply here.)

Your items will be shipped/delivered for free. We will package & labelĀ  items individually and send a packing slip with all your orders.

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